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Celebration -     A. Beartrack
Original - Washed oils with acrylic on canvas. 16x22" unframed.  $1600.00
Prairie Bouquet - J. Bird
Original - Acrylic on canvas.  18x24" unframed.  Only occasionally does JoAnne create images of flowers.   $Sold

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America's Trusted Source of Authentic, Original Plains Indian Art

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Located in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Prairie Star Gallery may be the country's best-kept secret.  Our customers are so possessive of their "find" that they'll tell only their closest friends about our gallery.  Our brochure claims we may be the smallest gallery you ever got lost in, and that pretty well sums it up.  Located in the heart of Lakota and Dakota country, we are fortunate to offer the finest Indigenous art in the region, if not the U.S.  We purchase directly from about 300 artists, so you can be assured of the quality and authenticity of the art.  Except for the books and CDs, of course, the art is handmade.  In those few instances where the artist is non-Native, we so indicate on the work. 

Our gallery is both uniquely beautiful and comfortably familiar.  We're located in a 110-year-old building with maple floors, brick walls, and exposed rafters.  Soft sounds of Indigenous flute music sooth the listener.  The staff are very knowledgeable about the cultures and the artists.  Linda, the co-owner and manager, is a fountain of knowledge, yet she learns more about the Northern Plains Indigenous art and culture every day.  We're often visited by our artists, who provide much of that knowledge, so every day is an adventure.

Currently, we're not staffed to sell our art over the Internet.  The pieces on this page illustrate the variety, beauty, and quality of our work.  So much of our art is one-of-a-kind that it would be difficult to produce a catalog or CD without it always being out of date.  Until we are able to offer Internet sales, we ask that you call and inquire about categories of art you're interested in purchasing.  Better yet, just stop by!

Bouquet - Starkey

Drum - Goodstrike

Buff. Quilt - Packard

Quilled Pin - RedCloud

SS Bracelet - Szabo

Raku Plate - Mauler

Turquoise Necklaces

Eagle Patriot - FBH

Bear (Alab.)-Decoteau

Beaded Hairtie